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The Difference Between Digital Analytics, Marketing Analytics

If you know that businesses have a lack of data when it comes to analyzing their performance, then you are wrong. In fact, there is so many data points available to look into that it can get confusing, specially for New Companys. So the problem is not that there is not enough data. The real problem is that most companies fail to analyze the correct data. They lack clarity about which data they should focus Read More

Why digital marketing analytics is important!

We are now in an age of evolution. Marketing is becoming more important, is more advanced and targeted. This means that marketing, especially digital marketing, has become result-oriented. There is a great deal of data to work with to Know the importance of digital marketing analytics. For example, there was a time when mail music services were in demand. Which has now been replaced by technology-focused innovations such as iTunes where musicians promote their music Read More

5 Blogging Methods Help to Brand Building

We live in a time when information plays an important role in brand building. In fact, marketing and branding experts believe that leveraging blogging to create brands is an effective way of marketing. That’s why most Fortune 500 companies and new startups have invested in blogging. The premise of a great brand is to lead the pack and become the ‘gold standard’ in a specific niche. Organic marketing is the backbone of successful marketing and Read More