This is not only necessary because your website has the best content and images to rank higher in search results. Requires inclusion of some other elements in your website for better results and traffic. These elements are collectively called SEO techniques. These techniques are absolutely essential to the survival of your website. Here are some free SEO plugins that will help you greatly improve the performance of your website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugin is undoubtedly the best SEO extension available to date for WordPress sites. It is available in both the free and premium version. With its free version, you’ll enjoy a host of features that can actually transform your traffic and produce great results for your website. This Free SEO Plugins has been serving since 2008 and has now reached a whopping 5 million active installations.

The first features offered by Yoast include full control of site fragments, advanced XML sitemap functionality, the option to set basic URLs to avoid duplicate content, title fields and meta description, a snippet preview that shows you how your page appears in search results (including device results results) Portable), ect. Yoast also makes it easy for you to write SEO-friendly content in your articles and blog posts.

All in One SEO Pack

This SEO plugin has also been around since Yoast which provides great tools to optimize your website. It provides XML Sitemap support, which enables you to provide an XML sitemap for content and image (to bing and google) and optimize search engine optimizers. All in One SEO Pack works out of the box for beginners and advanced users can find better optimization techniques.

This plugin provides support for Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages), Google Analytics, etc. and automatically notifies search engines like Google and Bing about changes to your site. The great advantage of this plugin is that it is the only free plugin that provides the best SEO support for ecommerce sites including WooCommerce.

Additional features include automatic address enhancement for Google and other search engines, automatic meta tag generation, integrated APIs, advanced canonical URLs, redirecting attachment pages to the original publication, etc. It also helps eliminate duplicate content found in WordPress blogs.

The SEO Framework

This plugin is a great tool to take care of your website SEO. Beginners will have a great time using this plugin to improve their site ranking. It comes with AI which automatically optimizes all pages. Since it generates structured data, it is very easy for search engines to learn more about your pages and thus rank your pages higher.

Along with optimizing your metadata this plugin also points the search engine crawlers in the right direction thereby preventing duplicated content issues. The most stunning fact about this plugin is that it is unbranded ie; you won’t be seeing the name SEO framework anywhere on your website except on the plugin activation page.

Besides, this plugin is ad-free and supports all kinds of custom publications like WooCommerce and bbPress. You can take advantage of this plugin to fine tune the SEO process through global options and to optimize each public page and publish and how long it looks necessary.


SEOPress is a great plugin that offers many powerful features to optimize your website content for search engines. In addition to providing you with better improvement, it also improves your social participation and creates improvement gestures.

This Google Analytics GDP plug-in provides downloads, custom dimensions, VoIP anonymity, remarketing, demographics, interest reporting, and domain tracking. With this plugin, you can easily manage 301 directions and add structured charts / data types from Google.

Creating custom XML Sitemaps and XML Sitemaps to improve search indexing is very easy with SEOPress. You can also create a custom HTML sitemap for enhanced visitor navigation and improved search indexing. Linking social media accounts to your site, removing stopwords, and import / export settings from one location to another are additional features of having this plugin on your site.

Squirrly SEO 2019 (Strategy)

Squirrly SEO 2019 (Strategy) – Advanced WordPress and WooCommerce for Non-SEOs is a great plugin for all SEO purposes for your site. What distinguishes this plugin is that it works great for people who don’t have any knowledge of SEO. If you want to get free SEO sessions to learn about the principles of SEO.

This WordPress SEO plugins provides supported features that allow you to find points on search engines where you can keep your pages away from your competitors. This SEO plugins tells you about changes in the world of search engine optimization SEO so you can also take advantage of them to improve your website traffic.

Squirrly has advanced algorithms that help you find advanced keyword opportunities. SEO live assistant gives you real-time SEO tips that enable you to write high quality content in less time. It also lets you know the status of your optimization ie; whether you have more or less optimization. With Squirrly SEO, you don’t have to care about duplicate content because it helps you discover and avoid it.

WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math

It’s easy to set up the Rankmath plugin on your WordPress website where it is configured by itself. What distinguishes this SEO plugin is that it allows you to optimize up to 5 keywords that seem important to all posts. Rankmath supports more than 14 rich snippets that enable you to optimize content very quickly.

The ranking of your website pages changes frequently, so you’ll have to work on it constantly in order to keep it always higher. This plugin tells you the current keyword rankings of your pages so you can take appropriate measures to improve or maintain them. Rankmath performs an SEO audit of your website giving you a better look at SEO on your website.

The Google Search Console is properly integrated by Rankmath so you can save the time you might need to spend on it. Rankmath has a built-in LSI tool that shows you different variations of the keywords for the keyword you focus on so that you can bring more traffic to your website. SEO for local business, SEO Opticized Breadcrumbs, 404 monitor, internal link suggestions, etc. are the other most important features of this plugin.

Premium SEO Pack – WordPress SEO Plugin

This SEO plugin gives you greater control over SEO than your website. With this plugin, you can increase the value of search engine optimizers for your website, determine how these pages appear in search engine results, and better integrate social media.


It’s hard to handle your website without any SEO practices on it. Because it is the SEO that keeps a website alive by drawing people’s attention to it. Thus, no matter how attractive your website is, if its site is on the side of SEO it will not be useful for your site. Therefore, installing an SEO plugins would be the right choice because doing it manually would be a difficult task and would take a lot of time.